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EVs cheaper than gas-powered cars in US, depending on state, incentives

Owning an electric vehicle can save drivers thousands of dollars per year, with $6,000 average savings over a vehicle’s lifetime, but the savings are dependent on rebates, state fees, and the cost of gas and electricity.


Schneider Electric set to acquire AutoGrid

Schneider Electric and AutoGrid are partners on a fully integrated distribution management system and a distributed energy resources management system (DERMS).

Perovskites studied as potential material to produce renewable hydrogen

National Renewable Energy Laboratory researchers are looking at perovskite materials for a solar-fuel platform that supports the US Department of Energy’s HydroGEN project.


US government announces $3.1 billion of funding for battery manufacturing, processing, recycling

$3.1 billion is available to increase production of American-made batteries, with a separate $60 million to support second-life applications for used EV batteries, along with development of processes for recycling materials back into the battery supply chain.


Battery fire at Salt River Project in the US

Fire crews in Chandler, Arizona, sent robots into a building at the Salt River Project where a 10 MW battery was smoldering.

PV in the Circular Economy: Modeling tool helps predict flow of solar materials

PV ICE uses the latest data from the solar industry to model the flow of PV materials over the next several decades, helping to predict the effects of different market trends, technological developments, and government policies.


Ontario amends net metering policy to allow third-party ownership

Prior to these amendments, Ontario’s net metering regulation required the customer to own or operate the renewable generation system to qualify as an eligible generator.


Energy Dome wins BNEF Pioneers 2022 for CO2 battery long-duration energy storage technology

Energy Dome’s emission-free energy storage method uses carbon dioxide in a closed loop charge/discharge cycle that can store and dispatch renewable energy onto the grid over periods from four to 24 hours.


Repurposing EV batteries for offgrid applications

Moment Energy is one of several companies and projects supported by the ARC program, which aims to provide clean-energy storage to urban and remote diesel-dependent communities in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

UC Berkeley digs big hole for geothermal heat pump

The University of California, Berkeley, has replaced a cogeneration plant with a new geothermal system that is powered by renewable energy.


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