Capital Stage acquires 47 MW of solar in the Netherlands

The German solar and wind power plant operator has made its first move into the Dutch solar market.

Switzerland’s solar power production could reach 19 TWh by 2050

A report from the Paul Scherrer Institute forecasts a bright future for PV technology in the Alpine country. Solar may even be able to grow by 18 TWh over the next 30 years from just 1 TWh currently.

Germany develops hybrid compensation plant system combined with storage, converter

In the system, the research team combined energy storage with a very powerful converter that can influence the signal flow in the power grid. This should help reduce the number of individual systems that are used for system services and expand the use of storage.


PV increases efficiency of cultivatable land use by more than 60%, Fraunhofer ISE says

Until now, cultivatable land was destined either for the generation of energy, or for food production. However, a pilot project, run by the Fraunhofer ISE, shows the two are compatible.