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Training deep machine learning to identify PV, solar thermal systems in aerial images

A Swedish research group has found that using deep machine learning to identify solar energy systems in aerial images may not be so accurate in non-densely populated countries such as Sweden. They have also found, however, that this technique may be trained via an iterative process and achieve satisfying results.

Armenia builds first floating PV project

France’s Nepsen has completed the first floating solar project in Armenia. The 150 kW array, which is installed on Lake Yerevan, will serve as a pilot for future floating PV plants in the country.

Israel launches tender for 100 MW solar project

Israel has kicked off a tender for a new 100 MW solar project. The array will be constructed in Ashalim alongside four other PV installations and concentrated solar power (CSP) projects. The selected developer is expected to complete construction by 2027.


Research shows heat pumps perform better than fossil fuel heating in mild cold climates

A British research group has aggregated information from seven field studies on heat pumps from around the world and has found air-source devices have an average coefficient of performance (COP) of 2.74 when temperatures are above −10 C. Below that, COP is between 1.5 and 2.

Hybridizing wind with PV may raise value of wind assets by up to 5%

Research from Portugal has looked into adding utility scale PV capacity to wind plants across the country and found the hybridization can significantly increase their market value. The scientists also identified the most critical parameters for forecasting energy generation in hybrid wind-solar plants.

Dubai’s 250 MW/1,500 MWh pumped-storage project nearing completion

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA) Hatta pumped-storage hydroelectric power plant is now 74% complete, and it is expected to begin operations in the first half of 2025. The facility will also store electricity from the 5 GW Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.


AI control tech to improve coefficient of performance of air source heat pumps

Scientists from South Korea have developed a heat pump optimization technique that controls the secondary refrigerant flow. The proposed technology offers the advantage of bypassing the need to control the compressor of the heat pump, which is a function that is commonly not available in commercial devices.


Teralight complete Israel’s largest floating PV project

Teralight has completed Israel’s largest floating PV project, deploying 31 MW of capacity on two water reservoirs in the northern part of the country, at an estimated project cost of $33.8 million.


PV-driven heat pump system for freshwater production, cooling, hot water

Scientists in India have combined a solar-assisted heat pump with a humidification-dehumidification and vapor compression refrigeration (HDH-VCR) cycle to generate heat and cooling. The system is reportedly able to generate up to 5.5 l per hour (LPH) of fresh water while achieving an ‘enhanced’ coefficient of performance.

Agrivoltaic facilities with single-axis trackers have lower LCOE than those with fixed structures

New research from Belgium shows agrivoltaic facilities with trackers perform significantly better than projects with fixed structures. The scientists found projects with tracking achieved an LCOE of €0.077 ($0.082)/kWh, while facilities with fixed structures were found to have an LCOE of €0.10/kWh.


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