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Portuguese company to build 75 MW solar-to-hydrogen facility in California

A proposed 75 MW solar-to-hydrogen facility in California could mark the start of Fusion Fuel’s green hydrogen vision for the United States.


Building renewables emits carbon, but building them faster emits far less

A new study by Columbia University’s Climate School looks at the carbon emissions needed to build renewable energy.

Solar windows cut emissions, energy use by 40% in glass skyscrapers

The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has modeled the benefits of PV in highly glazed skyscrapers.

Soft costs in US residential solar adoption

US residential solar demand is expected to ride a 10% compound annual growth rate, adding $6 billion in incremental growth by 2025, said Technavio. But soft costs like customer acquisitions remain relatively high compared to other solar markets across the globe.

US ports blocking shipments of solar components due to forced labor fears

US ports have been blocking shipments of solar components since the summer due to concerns about forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region.


Weekend read: Solar tops the bill

The US Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 sets aside $369 billion to decarbonize the economy and respond to climate change. pv magazine USA’s Anne Fischer and Ryan Kennedy report on the boost the landmark legislation is expected to provide to solar and battery deployment and manufacturing.


Most new solar panels retain 80% production after 30 years

A five-year Sandia Labs study on solar module degradation shows that 13 out of 23 tested module types have effective lifetimes exceeding 30 years.


US utility-scale solar slowed in Q3

US solar had its worst quarter in two years in terms of deployment, due to global supply challenges that slowed growth, delayed projects, and drove up prices.


Nearly 4% of US homes have rooftop solar installed

In 2020, 3.7% of US homes generated electricity from small-scale solar arrays, reports the US Energy Information Administration.

Enphase to open new US manufacturing lines

Enphase said in its recent third-quarter earnings call that it will expand solar inverter production in the United States.