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The Hydrogen Stream: US startup unveils nanoparticle-based green hydrogen tech

SunHydrogen has provided a first look at the prototype design for its forthcoming nanoparticle-based green hydrogen technology, and Plug Power has secured a 5 MW electrolyzer order from Lhyfe. A Chinese-US research group, meanwhile, claims to have achieved a highly stable saline water electrolysis using Rhodium nanocrystals.


The Hydrogen Stream: Condensed hydrogen on smooth surfaces can sharply exceed liquid hydrogen density

A German-US research team has shown that hydrogen condenses on smooth surfaces at a very low temperature, forming a super-dense monolayer that reduces the volume to just 5 liters per kilogram of H2. Dutch researchers, meanwhile, have published a new study on hydrogen storage in porous rocks, and Itochu said it is moving forward with hydrogen plans in Japan and South Africa.

The Hydrogen Stream: BMW starts in-house production of fuel cells for iX5 Hydrogen

BMW Group said it is targeting the premium segment with its iX5 Hydrogen car, Topsoe revealed that it will invest $267 million to build the world’s largest SOEC electrolyzer plant in Denmark, and Bosch announced plans to invest $200 million in US fuel cell production.

The Hydrogen Stream: Globeleq to build solar-powered 3.6 GW green hydrogen plant in Egypt

Egypt’s hydrogen strategy is taking shape ahead of COP27 through agreements with Globeleq, Actis, and Alfanar. Elsewhere in the world, the US authorities are investing in blue hydrogen, and the city of Hamburg, Germany, has signed three agreements with Chile, Uruguay and Buenos Aires.


The Hydrogen Stream: Germany launches world’s first operating hydrogen trains

Germany has launched the world’s first operational hydrogen trains and US researchers have presented a novel design for a tubular PEM fuel cell. ABB and Hydrogen Optimized, meanwhile, have expanded their strategic ties and Slovakia has moved forward with a major gas-blending pilot project.


Is the Canada-Germany ‘hydrogen deal’ overly ambitious?

The Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance is part of a wider deal that includes batteries and raw materials. Many details remain unclear, but the 2025 target for first deliveries is ambitious, says Paul Martin, the founder of the Hydrogen Science Coalition.


The Hydrogen Stream: Dye-sensitized photocatalyst promises most efficient solar water splitting to date

Japanese researchers have developed a new way to improve water splitting, while South Korea has completed its largest hydrogen production complex. Scotland and England have announced new hydrogen investments, and Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power have agreed to collaborate on hydrogen projects.

The Hydrogen Stream: Bilfinger, Gasunie to commission first hydrogen deep underground storage in 2026

Gasunie will establish a total storage capacity of approximately 26 million kilograms of hydrogen, with the first storage facility to be operational by 2026. Porsche Engineering has revealed its findings on the potential of hydrogen combustion engines, while hydrogen plans advanced in Australia and Portugal.

The Hydrogen Stream: Guangdong targets €4.35/kg retail price by 2025

The authorities in China’s Guangdong province have released a 2022-25 plan that foresees the retail price for hydrogen dropping to less than CNY 30/kg ($4.42/kg). Germany and Canada, meanwhile, are set to strengthen their collaboration on hydrogen, and Ford has revealed plans to team up with Southern California Gas for a hydrogen fuel cell electric truck that will be on the road by 2025.


The Hydrogen Stream: Traditional hydrogen blending could damage gas pipelines, say researchers

UK researchers have revealed that gaseous hydrogen could cause problems in natural gas pipelines, while electrolyzer manufacturer Nel has announced plans to build a second production line in Norway.


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