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US government invests $56 million in solar manufacturing and recycling

The initiatives will support recycling processes, manufacturing perovskite PV cells, boosting thin-film cadmium telluride module manufacturing, and creating easier and more effective pathways to commercialization.


US lifts tariffs on solar products from Canada, Mexico

Canada, the United States, and Mexico signed an agreement to lift Trump-era tariffs, after an independent panel said that the duties violated the provisions of existing trade agreements.


Reports reveal which manufacturer is believed to have product seized under UFLPA

Reports claim that the shipment, seized until the vendor provides documentation showing the source of the quartzite, contains JinkoSolar product. pv magazine USA has reached out to Jinko for comment.


ROTH: US Customs detained solar module shipments under law on forced labor

US Customs and Border Patrol has detained a large shipment of quartzite, a raw material for making polysilicon, from an unnamed Tier 1 solar module supplier.


Recycling options for PV panels, batteries could drive circular economy, says NREL

Renewable hardware that lasts longer and uses fewer materials could bolster recycling efforts and help to build an effective circular economy for solar and battery technologies, says the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).


RETC releases 2022 Module Index Report

The Renewable Energy Test Center has released a new report on PV module performance.


Biden halts solar tariffs for two years. What’s next?

Paul Wormser and Christian Roselund of Clean Energy Associates joined pv magazine to discuss the moratorium on solar tariffs and other executive actions taken by the White House.


Puerto Rico to host 460 MWh of nickel-hydrogen batteries

US provider EnerVenue will provide its nickel-hydrogen batteries for large scale renewable and storage applications to Sonnell Power Solutions. The devices will add resiliency to the island’s industrial sector, which has suffered outages and inconsistencies in the years since Hurricane Maria.


US government set to pause new solar tariffs for two years

The White House is expected to announce a 24-month tariff exemption on solar modules manufactured in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, while also invoking the Defense Production Act as a means to accelerate American manufacturing.


New York announces 2 GW of new solar across 22 projects

New York has announced its largest land-based renewable energy procurement effort to date. Once installed, the selected projects will bring the state’s renewable energy mix to 66% renewable, in pursuit of 70% by 2030.


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