Aerial imaging for residential PV

U.S.-based EagleView aims to set the “gold standard” for solar aerial imaging.


US solar racking industry now innovating, consolidating

With installers and developers trying to squeeze every kilowatt-hour out of every rooftop and every array, racking and trackers are the unsung heroes that secure and tilt panels, while maximizing output and protecting wiring and other gear.


Google to create easier renewable power purchase pathways

The tech giant has eliminated its entire carbon legacy and is moving toward running entirely on renewables, 24/7. More importantly, it’s looking to create pathways for other renewable purchasers to follow in its wake.

US developer secures 15-year PPA for 400 MW of PV, 180 MW/540 MWh of storage

8minute Solar will build the Rexford 1 Solar & Storage Center in central California, with the Clean Power Alliance serving as offtaker.

Sunfolding looks to disrupt the tracker industry with air pneumatics

With $32 million in series B funding and an ever-growing project pipeline, air-based tracker startup, Sunfolding, is hoping to increase its hold in the tracker market with tech that’s simple, light and can be installed on terrain previously thought untouchable.


Solar, storage-centric approaches to DC coupling

A new white paper by Alencon outlines the differences between PV-centric and battery-centric coupling.

Eos announces 1.5 GWh of zinc battery storage in Texas, California

The summer of battery storage rolls on, with developers of zinc hybrid cathode technology announcing big news.


US startup to shake up battery market with metal hydrogen tech

EnerVenue launched with $12 million in seed funding, boasting advantages over lithium-ion in performance, price, operability in extreme weather, and decades of use in the aerospace industry.


The Texas battery boom

With two new projects clocking in at 100 MW each, the Texas storage market is demonstrating that California isn’t the only U.S. state that can do big batteries.

Simpliphi predicts cobalt-free battery takeover sooner than expected

pv magazine spoke with Catherine Von Burg, CEO of the Californian battery company, to discuss why she believes lithium-iron-phosphate is the chemistry of the near future.

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