New ‘slide-in’ solar canopy tech from Australia

Australian design and manufacturing company PVDymanics has unveiled a solar canopy technology which can be used with both framed and frameless solar modules. The company believes its system can revolutionize the micro-grid market.


African utilities wary of threat from renewables

The rise of clean energy and prosumers, net metering and greenhouse gas regulation all figure among the bogeymen as far as national electric companies are concerned.


Standalone PV with pumped storage could deliver LCOE of $0.053/kWh

A new Indian study shows that standalone PV systems combined with pumped storage could be a solution to energy poverty in developing nations. This easily deployable, chemical-free approach might be best in countries that lack battery-recycling rules, the researchers said.


Thermodynamics-inspired model for microgrid feasibility

Researchers in the U.S. have deployed a phase model, inspired by thermodynamics, to total system costs and technology choices of power grids. Doing so allowed the group to make assumptions for when all renewables powered microgrids become the most economically viable option.

Renewable energy education fast changing Nigeria’s employment landscape

Renewable energy training institutes are springing up all over Nigeria, empowering an army of young people with solar technology skills in a country where unemployment is a huge challenge.


Off-grid solar solution offer water security for remote communities

Solar and energy storage play a key role in Project Gilghi, an off-grid water security system that could help people who have poor access to potable water and sanitation.


‘There has never been a better time for hybrid microgrids’

In a move that’s sure to pan out well for the Granny Smith gold mine in Western Australia, Aggreko has installed one of the country’s largest renewable energy microgrids, with 7.7 MWp of solar to be integrated with the site’s existing power station. pv magazine recently sat down with Karim Wazni, Aggreko’s managing director of microgrids and storage solutions, to discuss how microgrids and energy storage can help transition Australia’s resource sector.

India tenders for Himalayan off-grid solar and storage

The Solar Energy Corporation of India has issued a call for expressions of interest to supply clean energy to isolated off-grid communities and warned components will probably have to be transported manually.


Lumos receives $35 million from DFC to expand renewable energy access to over 1 million Nigerians

Lumos Global has received US$35 million to fund its off-grid solar home systems installation project in Nigeria.


Senegal introduces VAT exemption for off-grid solar products

The Senegalese government is aiming to increase access to solar power in rural areas by reducing VAT on PV panels, inverters, solar thermal collectors and other products in an effort to achieve universal electricity access in the country by 2025.

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