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Magazine Archive 02-2011

How PV+Test works

Glossary: PV+Test uses a wide range of measurement results and other module properties in its assessment. The assessment scheme shows what experts think makes up a good module.

Introducing ?“Best of modules”

Quality assurance: PV+Test is a new quality label to help customers navigate the module market. The first results are promising. Most of the modules that underwent the independent test fulfill the requirements. On the other hand, there are some clear differences in individual categories.

A German-Chinese fight over a Japanese patent

Patents: Solarworld has some serious issues with the Chinese PV manufacturers Solarfun and Suntech. The companies are allegedly gaining a competitive advantage by infringing on the patent rights of Japanese company Shin-Etsu. The patented process increases the efficiency of a solar cell by an average of half a percent.

Looking for a pension plan

Green photovoltaics: Experts discussed what to do with discarded modules at a Munich conference on recycling. Participants took away the good news that recycling modules is worthwhile at least in ecological terms, but how to pay for it is still undecided.

Automation and efficiency: keys to success

CEO Interview: pv magazine speaks to Franco Traverso, President and CEO of Italian solar company Silfab. In addition to discussing the company’s latest Ontario venture, he outlines its strategies for staying competitive.

Mapping innovation

VDMA Technology Roadmapping: The Photovoltaic Equipment platform of the German Engineering Federation VDMA has introduced a technology roadmap to identify innovative manufacturing solutions for the PV industry. Florian Wessendorf, Project Manager Photovoltaics Equipment at VDMA, reports on discussions in the working groups.

Brothers, to the sun

Energy cooperative: Earning money while conserving creation – this is the aim of an initiative by two churches in Horb am Neckar in southwestern Germany. The project has applied for the Rottenburg-Stuttgart Diocese’s Saint Francis Prize for Sustainability, worth 10,000 euros.

More supply

Supply chain: Oversupply and the dwindling market demand are influencing procurement decisions. High prices in Italy may possibly affect the global market.

Challenges and opportunities

India: There are challenges and opportunities present in the Indian solar PV sector, as has been highlighted time and time again in the past year. The sector has grown significantly but obstacles still remain. Chemtrols Solar’s Director Anish Rajgopal discusses achievements and challenges.

Nanoscale light trap

Plasmonics: The plasmonic effect can improve the absorption of light by a solar cell’s photoactive material. A consortium of institutes and PV companies, coordinated by the research center imec in Leuven, Belgium, is conducting further systematic research into this promising technique. Jan Provoost and Pol Van Dorpe of imec explain the details.

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