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Magazine Archive 02-2012

Japan’s boom year for PV?

PV Expo 2012 Tokyo: Japan’s first big solar show opens later this month. Will its timing coincide with a boom year for PV in post-Fukushima Japan?

Making sense of chaos

Automation standards: It has become common knowledge that with the implementation of automation, product quality significantly improves and costs can potentially be cut. Are standards in such automation necessary? What are the pros and cons of such standards?

Betting on the bear

Solar shares: The crash of renewable energy shares on the stock exchange is not only attributable to the financial crisis and the economic difficulties besetting the industry. For months professional stock brokers have also perpetuated the fall in prices for solar shares through short selling.

No oil, no gas, no coal, no choice?

French nuclear industry: As the world and its energy industries adapt to a post-Fukushima reality and the Fifth Republic gears up for a high-stakes election in 2012, it seems that the current climate within the energy sector is sowing the seeds of change that could grow into a post-atomic market in years to come.

Canned sunshine

Energy storage systems: Europe’s leading utilities are investing in new storage capacities to be able to utilize more solar and wind energy, and at the same time cope with the phasing out of feed-in tariffs. An overview of storage technologies that support photovoltaic energy.

Roadmap to clean energy

EU Energy Roadmap: The European Union is planning to vigorously increase the proportion of renewable energy by the middle of the century – which is the only way to reach the EU’s CO2 targets. But fearing high prices, it does not want to relinquish nuclear power and coal.

China’s nuclear program after Fukushima

China: When a national feed-in tariff (FIT) was announced in July 2011, some believed a lack of detail and transparency could undermine the program’s effectiveness. Seven months on, though some of the details remain opaque, China as a PV end market is showing signs of rapid expansion. pv magazine investigates the global impact of China’s FITs and the ways foreign companies can access the market.

Strengthening the recycling system

Module recycling: The goal of PV CYCLE is to offer a unified waste management solution to all photovoltaics users in Europe. The association claims that it has taken major strides in this effort. PV CYCLE’s Managing Director, Jan Clyncke, elaborates.

Concealed in the roof

In-roof systems market overview: In-roof systems are still a niche item. Yet the industry is coming out with surprisingly sophisticated developments , including concealing the frames. In some systems, only the module glass remains visible.

Swagger and swag on the rise

Sino-US PV trade dispute: It may almost be called “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” as solar industry forces in the U.S. and China face off in trade hostilities, which – like the ill-advised 1854 clash between the British and the Russians – may produce no decisive gains and result in high casualties.

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