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Magazine Archive 02-2020

Zero-waste batteries

Efforts to recycle lithium-ion batteries face a range of technical and economic challenges, but such programs are already far more commonplace than many assume. However, there are still significant obstacles looming a few years down the road.

Go big, go with the flow

While lithium batteries have taken center stage for energy storage, vanadium redox flow batteries could gain considerable traction in 2020. In previous years, vanadium battery installations around the world have done little more than provide proof of concept and a test bed for manufacturers, argues David Gillam from Mastermines. He looks at what may have changed since then and why a surge in batteries utilizing vanadium may be closer than many believe, with China taking the lead.

Renewable energy procurement comes to China

An growing number of companies globally have set sustainability targets to address the climate emergency. More than 700 companies are taking action to reduce their carbon footprint, write Caroline Zhu and Jiayin Song of Rocky Mountain Institute, and over 200 companies have publicly made the RE100 commitment to procure 100% of their electricity from renewable energy.

pv magazine events 2020

Roundtables Mexico @ Solar Power Mexico 2020 Storage and bifacial technologies for Mexico’s next step into the energy transition March 25, 2020 Our inaugural Roundtables Mexico 2020 event will provide a new point of view on the Mexican PV market by stressing the importance of technological improvement in aiding project viability. And the Mexican solar […]

On the road with pv magazine

Where we’re going: Solar Solutions, Amsterdam The solar solutions show returns to Expo Haarlemmermeer in Amsterdam from March 17-19 and will bring together 250 exhibitors and more than 13,000 visitors to provide a snapshot of one of Europe’s leading solar markets. Ambitious targets and limited land availability have made the Netherlands a leader in floating […]

48 hours in… Tokyo

Time: GMT +9 | Currency: Japanese Yen (US$1 = JPY 110) | Population: 13.9 million | Average temperature in February: 6 °C

Final thought: More solar, less bureaucracy

Sven Albersmeier-Braun, Head of International Business at Senec

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