Magazine Archive 02-SE-2018

Masked surprises

Energy storage is a highly dynamic market. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to pick out the most interesting news from developments that have not been widely reported. In the pv magazine roundtable discussion, we found three of the major themes: They are dealing with business models beyond frequency regulation.

Energy storage highlights

Ranking: At the Energy Storage Europe trade fair in Düsseldorf, 24 exhibitors submitted proposals that our highlight jury ranked in the following categories: relevance to industry, USP, market impact, contribution to energy transition, and innovation. Here, we present the top 10, as chosen by our experts. The submissions of exhibitors at Energy Storage Europe for the first […]

Driving long-term growth

IHS Markit Senior Market Analyst, Solar & Energy Storage, Julian Jansen notes that 40% of the total energy storage pipeline aims at solar plus storage projects. He explains how this combination is developing into a surprisingly good working business model for storage. It can radically change the energy supply landscape for good.

Debrief: 4 key questions facing the storage industry

Storage trends: In the run-up to Energy Storage Europe, pv magazine asked industry experts the key storage topics they were most interested in. Their responses were reflective of their own perspective and position throughout the value chain, but nevertheless a theme emerged, with recurring questions arising over and over again. These were those questions …

Flow battery breakthrough?

Lithium alternatives: Redox flow technologies have grown quite mature, but despite some big letters of intent, the industry is still waiting for the technology’s major breakthrough. Experts who will present at Energy Storage Europe address the big questions the technology must answer as it flows into the mainstream of energy storage.

Flexible sector coupling

Fuhs: We are happy that in cooperation with Energy Storage Europe we can present this energy storage special edition. For us at pv magazine it is a step to even more detailed coverage of energy storage and related topics on all of our platforms. Mingers: And for us, the new issue fits perfectly with the strategy […]

Don’t worry, but keep asking

As both energy storage makers and car manufacturers keep close track of the prices of key raw materials for lithium-ion batteries, the question of their availability is thrust into the limelight. Meanwhile, the recycling industry is gearing up to provide alternative supply chains.

A new concept gains traction

Flexible sector coupling: To date, the energy transition has unfolded primarily in the electricity sector. This limitation should be overcome by sector coupling, which is basically electrification of the mobility and heat sectors. But this alone does not offer a complete solution. Sector coupling must be flexible. To this end, a Berlin-based startup is developing a colossal steel storage tank, and battery storage facilities are being built in Canada along a highway.

Organic redox flow battery

Jena Batteries is developing a redox flow battery that uses organic electrolytes instead of vanadium-containing electrolytes. It is more environmentally friendly, because it is free of heavy metals and hazardous acids, the company says. In addition, there is no fire risk. One of the big questions facing redox flow technology is how it can be […]

The water battery

Max Bögl has built wind turbines with embedded tanks for a water reservoir. The wind turbines are located on a hill about 80 km from Stuttgart. The lower reservoir is down in the valley. One reason to build hydro storage co-located with wind is, according to Max Bögl, that spatial demand for the upper reservoirs is […]

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