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Magazine Archive Energy Storage Highlights 2018

Storage in rural distribution networks stabilized the grid

Tunduma, a small Tanzanian town at the border with Zambia, is connected to a 220 kV transmission grid. The grid is characterized, writes Abo Wind, by “large distribution networks at 33 kV supplying thousands of small transformers.” The overhead lines are working at maximum capacity, leading to high losses and a drop in voltage of almost 20%. […]

Flexible sector coupling

Fuhs: We are happy that in cooperation with Energy Storage Europe we can present this energy storage special edition. For us at pv magazine it is a step to even more detailed coverage of energy storage and related topics on all of our platforms. Mingers: And for us, the new issue fits perfectly with the strategy […]

Debrief: 4 key questions facing the storage industry

Storage trends: In the run-up to Energy Storage Europe, pv magazine asked industry experts the key storage topics they were most interested in. Their responses were reflective of their own perspective and position throughout the value chain, but nevertheless a theme emerged, with recurring questions arising over and over again. These were those questions …

Energy storage highlights

Ranking: At the Energy Storage Europe trade fair in Düsseldorf, 24 exhibitors submitted proposals that our highlight jury ranked in the following categories: relevance to industry, USP, market impact, contribution to energy transition, and innovation. Here, we present the top 10, as chosen by our experts. The submissions of exhibitors at Energy Storage Europe for the first […]

Combined gas and battery grid services power plant

Younicos managed to interest and convince the jurors with its simple concept. Their rankings ranged from first to 16th, and so for the average overall juror rankings and proposals, this led to the top position in this highlights feature. Younicos submitted a project in which the company, together with the Technische Werke Ludwigshafen, developed a […]

Multi-string three-phase battery inverter technology

Highly rated by several of the jurors, E3/DC made it into second place overall. If you look at the individual highlight categories, the manufacturer of small and medium-sized storage systems scored particularly high for innovation. The company, already well known for its residential storage system, has submitted a new technology for a DC-DC converter for […]

Large-scale storage solution

In 2017, SMA introduced its large-scale turnkey solution Medium Voltage Power Station to the global market, and now the company reports it has concluded contracts with a total capacity of 400 MW. One container has an output power of 5.5 MW. Unique to this solution is that the Sunny Central Storage with grid forming capacities acts just […]

Power electronics for battery inverters

According to Fraunhofer ISE, the Cell-Booster and the power electronics for the project “Netefficient” permit high efficiencies on the one hand, and small construction volumes on the other. The cell booster converts the typical 48 volt output of a low voltage battery with an efficiency of 97% to 700 volts, as required for example by a […]

Scalable Methanation plant

You would be forgiven for not knowing of methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus – a small green bacterium – but it is the basis of this energy storage highlight. Electrochaea uses it to convert hydrogen to methane. With this submission it reaches first position in the categories innovation and contribution to the energy transition, which together lead to […]

Large-scale storage business model in the distribution grid

German EPC Smart Power is working on a promising solution for making large-scale storage systems usable in the distribution grid despite regulatory hurdles. According to the numbers given by the company, this approach can totally make sense. The utility Stadtwerke Trostberg Energieversorgung is charged €113/kW peak load at the transformer station to the 110 kV grid. […]

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