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Magazine Archive Energy Storage Highlights 2018

Organic redox flow battery

Jena Batteries is developing a redox flow battery that uses organic electrolytes instead of vanadium-containing electrolytes. It is more environmentally friendly, because it is free of heavy metals and hazardous acids, the company says. In addition, there is no fire risk. One of the big questions facing redox flow technology is how it can be […]

The water battery

Max Bögl has built wind turbines with embedded tanks for a water reservoir. The wind turbines are located on a hill about 80 km from Stuttgart. The lower reservoir is down in the valley. One reason to build hydro storage co-located with wind is, according to Max Bögl, that spatial demand for the upper reservoirs is […]

Adjustable water heater with further functionality

A solution that allows homeowners to use excess solar power via a heating element does not seem like big news at first glance. Such devices have been available for some years, controlling residential rooftop solar so that no current flows into the grid, but surplus is used to warm up the hot water boiler with […]

10 MW-storage plant with black start capability

Northern German utility Wemag made headlines several years ago with what was then the largest battery storage power plant in the country. In 2014, 5 MW went online for marketing in the primary control energy market. In 2017, this battery storage power value was extended to 14 MW and made black start capable. Now it has a […]

Storage in rural distribution networks stabilized the grid

Tunduma, a small Tanzanian town at the border with Zambia, is connected to a 220 kV transmission grid. The grid is characterized, writes Abo Wind, by “large distribution networks at 33 kV supplying thousands of small transformers.” The overhead lines are working at maximum capacity, leading to high losses and a drop in voltage of almost 20%. […]

Large-scale storage business model in the distribution grid

German EPC Smart Power is working on a promising solution for making large-scale storage systems usable in the distribution grid despite regulatory hurdles. According to the numbers given by the company, this approach can totally make sense. The utility Stadtwerke Trostberg Energieversorgung is charged €113/kW peak load at the transformer station to the 110 kV grid. […]

Scalable Methanation plant

You would be forgiven for not knowing of methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus – a small green bacterium – but it is the basis of this energy storage highlight. Electrochaea uses it to convert hydrogen to methane. With this submission it reaches first position in the categories innovation and contribution to the energy transition, which together lead to […]

Power electronics for battery inverters

According to Fraunhofer ISE, the Cell-Booster and the power electronics for the project “Netefficient” permit high efficiencies on the one hand, and small construction volumes on the other. The cell booster converts the typical 48 volt output of a low voltage battery with an efficiency of 97% to 700 volts, as required for example by a […]

Large-scale storage solution

In 2017, SMA introduced its large-scale turnkey solution Medium Voltage Power Station to the global market, and now the company reports it has concluded contracts with a total capacity of 400 MW. One container has an output power of 5.5 MW. Unique to this solution is that the Sunny Central Storage with grid forming capacities acts just […]

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