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Magazine Archive 03-2020

Hydrogen is getting cheaper

Electrolyzer manufacturers are in agreement on the goal of rapidly reducing investment costs, mainly through economies of scale. Some are embracing large units, while others are betting on quantity over size. The first approach is attractive for operators of large PV plants, while the latter is better suited to operators of small systems.

Orchestral support for an evolving energy system

As one of the world leaders in PV+storage deployment, Australia has ample opportunity to develop a two-way energy system that could provide critical services to the grid and deliver additional revenue streams for rooftop PV and battery prosumers. Although still in their early days, some virtual power plant (VPP) projects are already proving their worth.

Problems in plugging in South African mobility

As Africa’s leading economy, South Africa could lead the way in the adoption of EVs on the continent. However, progress toward this development is being held up by infrastructure shortfalls, a struggling utility, and tariffs protecting local manufacturers, argues Callum McPhillips from South Africa’s Battery Experts.

Stored potential

Demand for batteries is going nowhere but up, as new factories seem to appear almost every week with promises to power electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and grid-connected storage. But the lithium-ion technology that all of these rely on is not without drawbacks, and a whole host of new storage solutions is eager to get out of the laboratory.

The locusts are coming

In the second quarter of 2020, pv magazine is turning its attention to the pertinent topic of green finance. The aim is to understand what is meant by the term, how to identify greenwashing, what you can do to get “green bond ready”, and where future investment opportunities lie.

Developing the future: the mainstreaming of solar PV

From playing a key role in facilitating the scaling of the solar sector, to opening new markets and enabling grid and energy storage technologies, multilateral financial institutions have been an important part of the ongoing global energy transition. And as Felicia Jackson writes from London, with the expansion of “green banks” and clean-energy lending, the role of these institutions is only set to expand.

pv magazine events 2020

The important role of energy storage in the transition of the electricity system from thermal generation to renewable sources is undisputed. And the speed at which applications and enabling technologies are rising to meet the challenge is astounding.

On the road with pv magazine

Where we’ve been: Intersolar North America Intersolar North America, held in early February at a beautiful San Diego waterside convention center, was a bit of a reset this year with new event organizer, Diversified Communications, taking the reins of the premier solar showcase in the United States. There were about 170 exhibitors in San Diego […]

Key tech for energy transition

Europe is aiming to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. It plans to invest €1,000 billion to create a green future, according to President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

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