Magazine Archive 09-2017

Grow, Canada

Alberta, Canada: A new pro-solar program in Canada’s Alberta province could pave the way for PV to follow in the deep footsteps of wind power. But are Albertans ready to embrace the possibilities and opportunities at their fingertips?

The new module test

Module reliability: pv magazine’s new module test is kicking off. The first candidate is Jolywood with its bifacial n-Pert module. The test is designed to help investors in their module purchasing process, while at the same time allowing manufacturers to spot problems and improve their production processes.

Balancing act

Solar and nuclear: Can high levels of solar and wind coexist with nuclear generation on the grid? The answer is more complicated than you might think.

Jolywood JW-D60N module

With its JW-D60N module, Jolywood has implemented several state of the art technologies. The module cells employ n-type wafers, which allows higher efficiency and mitigates light induced degradation during the first 1,000 hours of illumination. This is a risk always present for p type cells, and may cost a few percentage points of energy yield. […]

A slow yet inexorable advance

Distributed generation in Latin America: The improvement to, or introduction of, legislative frameworks favoring distributed generation is advancing at an unceasing pace in Latin America. Countries that already have legislation in place now want to get more power, and those who do not have it are quick to take their first steps to democratize energy. Subsidized electricity rates and difficulty in finding financing remain the biggest obstacles.

Method for the modules

Testing methodology: George Touloupas, Director of Technology and Quality at CEA, gives a detailed account of the methodology behind pv magazine test, and explains the results from the first round of testing.

Goal-fired generation

India market update: The Indian National Solar Mission’s 100 GW solar target requires support from both the storage and DG sectors. Akhilesh Magal from the Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute examines these thus far under-developed markets.

Pathway to solar success in Taiwan

pv magazine Quality Roundtable: To be held in Taiwan during the PV Taiwan exhibition, the 8th Quality Roundtable will focus on quality and reliability of modules and components in humid and sometimes extreme climates.

An industrial strategy for solar in Europe

Solar Power Europe op-ed: Dr. Christian Westermeier, President of Solar Power Europe discusses European solar, and how best to support the growth of a significant and sustainable market on the continent.

Thinning out the herd

hin film manufacturers ranking: Once again, pv magazine teams up with solar analysts at IHS Markit to present a rundown of the top manufacturers of thin film solar modules based on 2016 production figures, and a look at the state of the market for thin film technologies.

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