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Magazine Archive 2017


Module technology: EGing has made the transition to using only passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) technology, leaving behind older cell concepts. The company has developed a frameless glass-glass p-type bifacial module called Janus-II, to be launched in January 2018.

Mind the gap

High efficiency cell technology: The slight performance advantage held by Taiwanese solar cell manufacturers appears to be coming to an end as Chinese tier-1 and tier-2 firms up their R&D spending in an effort to be fully vertically integrated. pv magazine looks at how this high efficiency technology race might impact the global PV industry.

Building the benchmark

pv magazine test: The new pv magazine test took off as expected, and many manufacturers have sent their modules to be tested. George Touloupas, Director of Technology and Quality at CEA, takes us through the latest results, and the new improved grading system.

Agfa upbeat for new mono-backsheet

Module technology: Agfa has developed a backsheet that consists of a single layer – an innovation that could well prove advantageous in the field, offering further opportunities to reduce delamination, lower LCOE, and result in boosted efficiency thanks to higher reflectivity.

Reducing the footprint

Backsheet life cycle: As the PV industry comes under pressure to further reduce emissions from its manufacturing sector, Giorgio Longoni, Vice General Manager of Sales for Asia at Italian backsheet specialist Coveme, introduces a study comparing the contribution of different backsheet materials to a module’s overall carbon footprint.

Europe’s newest bull market

The Netherlands: After lagging behind the rest of Europe during the continent’s first solar boom, The Netherlands now has a new government, and an ambitious strategy for renewables. Rolf Heynen, Director of the Solar Solutions international trade fair, provides an update on the Dutch solar situation.

Surprising development

Battery prices: The storage industry, which is used to price cuts, does not have to panic as news of price rises and supply shortages filters through. But nevertheless, it will have to get used to a new reality, and to carefully consider changes in its sourcing.

BYD strides forward with a high voltage battery storage system

pv magazine award: This storage system manufacturer from China has dared to venture into a technology new to the home sector, and has faced the efficiency test.

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