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Magazine Archive 09-2018

Decision-making through data

According to a study conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, companies that use data-driven decision-making are 5% more productive and profitable than their competitors. Jean-Yves Bellet, cofounder and VP-CTO of QOS Energy asks,“Can we apply the results of this study to solar PV operations and maintenance?” Today, solar plant owners expect to generate value from their data using real-time decision-making tools, analytics, and machine learning models.

Presenting the first results

As promised in our article in the June issue, the first outdoor field results from pv magazine test are ready to be presented to readers.

Seven trends to make or break corporate PPAs

Something interesting is happening in the PV market. We’re not just seeing an emergence of corporate power purchase agreements (cPPAs) in parity geographies – but also compelling innovation in the commercial models which underpin them. Despite the challenges of offtaker risk, contract duration, and assorted other contractual oddities when financing renewable energy projects in this way, leading lenders are just about getting used to the idea of private offtake agreements. But are they ready for other commercial-disrupters like blockchain,‘power and flexibility agreements,’ pooling of medium-sized energy suppliers, and PV-storage hybrid projects?

Hydrogen and PV – soon to be a profitable combination

Hydrogen for the chemicals industry, for large cargo vehicles and as a substitute for natural gas: There are attractive applications for the eternal‘energy source of the future.’ It also creates new marketing opportunities for solar power. After all, the production of green hydrogen needs two things: cheap electricity and water.

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