Q3 2021: Sustainable electricity and corporates’ critical solar role

Despite the global pandemic and recession, corporate purchases of clean energy are booming. Several factors are driving this trend, including falling costs, heightened appetite for sustainability among consumers and investors, and increased political will for net-zero development. In recognition of this, the UP Initiative will spend the third quarter investigating sustainable electricity supply. How are PPA models evolving? What are the critical issues around residual energy? And how can greenwashing be avoided? pv magazine investigates.

pv magazine 06/2021

Corporates’ critical solar role: Presentation of the quarterly theme.

pv magazine 07/2021

RE100 and the corporate renewable electricity boom: In 2020, corporate renewables purchases hit a record 23.7 GW. Much of this growth has been led by a non-profit global initiative, RE100, which is headed by the Climate Group and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Launched in 2014, 316 companies from more than 175 markets have now committed to buying 100% renewable electricity. As part of the UP Initiative, pv magazine spoke to Mariana Daykova, senior manager of renewable energy at CDP and its interim RE100 lead, about the progress that has been made and what’s in the cards going forward.

BNEF’s bullish outlook for corporate clean energy procurement: Corporate clean energy procurement continues to set new watermarks. In 2020, companies announced a record 25 GW of clean energy PPAs throughout the world, marking the fifth consecutive year of growth. As part of the pv magazine UP Initiative’s quarterly focus on sustainable electricity, Kyle Harrison, head of sustainability research at BloombergNEF, addresses key questions about the long-term outlook for corporate procurement.

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