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Commission flags up €875m renewables project fund

A call for grant proposals has been promised this month, with the bloc’s executive yesterday firing the gun on a separate exercise related to cross-border EU energy infrastructure projects.

Large-scale PV finds footing in Slovenia

HSE, a Slovenian hydropower producer, is building two new solar parks. The project locations – on the grounds of one of its facilities and on a waste landfill site – underscore the difficulty of identifying suitable surfaces for ground-mounted PV in the country.


The panel in white

Slovenian solar module manufacturer Bisol has developed a white panel with a power output of 190 W. The product is claimed to be an ideal solution for seamlessly blending with large surface buildings and maintaining their historic character.


Bisol launches half-cut module with multi-busbar tech

The new panel was conceived for applications in the rooftop segment. It features an efficiency of up to 20.5% and a power rating of 360/455 W. The Slovenian module manufacturer used 166×166 mm wafers for the new product, as it claims they currently provide the best power and size ratio.


‘There is no clear best module configuration under partial shading’

A Slovenian research team has analyzed the behavior of a full-size cell PV module and several 1/6 cell panels under partial shading and has come to the obvious conclusion that the cell cut panels suffer fewer energy losses. They also found, however, that the orientation of the cells connected in series should be aligned as much as possible with the shade shape to lower the losses and to minimize reverse cell voltage.


Slovenia’s first utility scale solar plant

A 6 MW solar park is being developed by Slovenian power provider HESS. The facility will be linked to a hydropower plant and will also rely on pumped hydro storage.

How solar parks change landscape perception

New research based on participatory photography and focus groups has shown how solar parks can change people’s landscape perception through a number of factors, not exclusively visual. According to the study, people that see landscapes in an idyllic way tend to oppose the presence of a solar park, while people with a more utilitarian concept of the rural landscape show stronger acceptance.


The year in solar, part IV: More storage and hydrogen advances as solar just kept getting cheaper

Battery innovations started to come thick and fast this quarter as the hunt for alternatives to lithium-ion intensified and the latest slew of solar tenders indicated the relentless pressure on solar power generation costs was showing no sign of abating.


Mirova raises €857m in Eurofideme 4 funding round for renewables

The investment manager is now Europe’s largest renewable energy fund. The €1.3 billion group already has a 1.8 GW generation portfolio.

European coal fleet will run at a loss of €6.57bn this year

Economic thinktank Carbon Tracker used financial modeling to determine the profitability of every coal power plant in the EU. On average, 79% of the facilities run at a loss, with Germany, Spain and Czechia among the states particularly exposed to the consequences – for coal investors and the public.

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