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Tesla-based battery project launched in Slovenia

New company NGEN appears to have introduced the Powerpack battery to central Europe in a €15 million, 12.6 MW/22.6 MWh project in the northwest of the country which is the first of two planned utility scale systems due for completion by July.


New aluminum batteries for renewables storage

The devices, developed by a European research team, are said to have twice the energy density of conventional aluminum devices. The scientists used a cathode made of anthraquinone, instead of one based on graphene, increasing energy density.


Slovenian glass factory to use PV for green hydrogen

A rooftop PV system will provide hydrogen through an electrolyzer. The green gas can then be mixed with natural gas to fire the factory’s furnaces.

Slovenia launches tender for large-scale solar, renewables and co-generation

The tender will be open to solar projects not exceeding 10 MW, while its incentive budget will be €10 million.


EU supports integration of renewables between Croatia and Slovenia with €40 million

The smart grid project is expected to boost to the use of renewable energy in the region, and to enable smaller power producers participate in the market.


Slovenia launches solar rebate scheme

The Slovenian government has earmarked €3 million to finance solar rebates in 2017. The funds will cover 20% of the costs for buying and installing a PV system under net metering.

Slovenia’s PV capacity tops 259 MW, net-metering expected to support more growth

The small eastern European country has been adding around 10 MW of new PV systems each year over the past four years. A net-metering scheme introduced in 2015 is expected to increase demand for residential installations.

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