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South Sudan

South Sudan set for grid solar

Kampala-based developer Aptech Africa says it plans to build a 12 MWp solar plant in Juba.

Irena gives latest update on stark chances of electricity access for all by 2030

The International Renewable Energy Agency’s latest annual report on the progress towards UN sustainable development goal seven estimates 670 million people will still lack electricity in 2030, and more than 2 billion will be reliant on unhealthy, polluting cooking methods.


Solar and wind could provide half of 2040 power mix across 22 African nations

The International Renewable Energy Agency has combined energy infrastructure commitments across a huge swathe of the continent with hundreds of regional sites which offer rich solar and onshore wind potential, to determine what could be possible.


Asunim, I-kWh join Elsewedy Electric on PV-plus-storage project in South Sudan

Egyptian energy services company Elsewedy Electric T&D (EETD) recently secured a contract to build a 20 MWp PV plant and 35 MWh storage system in South Sudan.


South Sudan to get 20 MW/35 MWh solar-plus-storage plant

Egyptian manufacturer El Sewedy Electric has secured a contract from the authorities in Juba to build the $45 million project in Nesitu county. The African Export-Import Bank is financing the facility.


South Sudan to embrace renewables

The South Sudan Electricity Corporation is seeking consultants to define the nation’s Renewable Energy Development Program and its related tender mechanism. The plan could put the world’s youngest country – which is in the grip of a long, brutal civil war – on a path to sustainability.

South Sudan could reap immediate benefits from solar– report

The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) has proposed a “green pivot” for South Sudan, where solar energy could help decouple economic growth from the geopolitics of oil and gas. In a special report, it has identified three opportunities where solar could yield benefits. A donor-led transition is required.


International Solar Alliance is now an international legal body

The international solar alliance framework agreement receives 15 ratifications, as the Republic of Guinea becomes the 15th country to do so. The founding ceremony of ISA is scheduled for December 08, 2017 in Greater Noida, India.

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