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Venezuela sees first grid-connected PV system come online

The system will power the broadband transport networks. The solar panels are “made with 100% Venezuelan engineering.”

Renewables and geopolitics: Who will ‘win’ the energy transition?

The losers in a world which no longer runs on fossil fuels are obvious but the dividend from shrugging off hydrocarbon dependency will be spread around most of the world so it is the nations which are winning the cleantech manufacturing and intellectual property race which appear best positioned for the future.


Renewables and geopolitics: The United States

An accelerated transition to renewables could go either way, regarding the United States’ unique geopolitical strength. According to Indra Overland – head of the Center for Energy Research at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs – the U.S. could surrender a major advantage if it abandons fossil fuel. The nation could, however, remain dominant in the global energy sector if it continues to lead on innovation and clean energy tech-related intellectual property.


Venezuela plans its first utility scale PV projects

Although details are vague, the Vice Ministry of Alternative Energies is reportedly developing the country’s first medium sized projects to be connected to the national grid. It is also planning to implement distributed generation projects ranging in size from 1.5 MW to 3 MW in the crisis-torn nation.


Brazil preps auction for non-interconnected state of Roraima

The procurement is planned for May 16 and will award 15-year PPAs to projects based on conventional and renewable energy generation. Solar could help remove the state’s reliance on power generated by a company based in crisis-torn Venezuela.

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