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Evolution of trackers – a tailor-made generation for maximum flexibility

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Ivan Arkipoff, CTO | PV Hardware
Eduardo Chillarón, Design & Eng. Manager | PV Hardware
Heather Sauder, Senior Engineer | CPP Wind Engineering


Frederike Egerer, Head of Events | pv magazine

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Presentation of PV Hardware & CPP

Evolution of trackers – a tailor-made generation for maximum flexibility

Last year has seen module manufacturers jettison form-factors the rest of the industry has just gotten used to. A step-change in power output, made possible by much larger wafers required modules to grow in size, as well. For tracker manufacturers, this is not without difficulty, as a re-design of the structure is needed.

This is a challenge tracker manufacturer PV Hardware is all too aware of. In this pv magazine Spotlight, CTO Ivan Arkipoff will introduce its newest MONOLINE product line, in two configurations, the 1-in-portrait and 2-in-portrait. He will focus specifically on the modular design of the 2P and tell us what sets it apart: aeroelastic wind-effects have been tested beyond code compliance, in the boundary layer wind tunnel with CPP. Senior Engineer Heather Sauder from CPP will join the Spotlight for insights on the testing process.

PV Hardware’s Design and Engineering Manager Eduardo Chillaron will give us a peek behind-the-scenes and a deep-dive into their product development process. The product line is specifically redesigned for large-format ultra-high-power modules. PV Hardware promises better adaptability to terrain and tilt angle control than their competitors and easier installation. The technology has also been tweaked to introduce the new Adaptative Backtracking 3D with its new generation of solar trackers. Arkipoff will also go into the benefits of using an alternative wireless communication method, the long-range LoRaWAN.

pv magazine Spotlight content

  • Introduction of the new MONOLINE solar trackers product line
  • An in-depth description of the 2P – Modular Design
  • The advantages of their Adaptative Backtracking 3D technology
  • The benefits of using long-range LoRaWAN wireless communication

At the point of this Spotlight, PV Hardware will have just launched the tracker, so join us for an exclusive first look.

You can submit your questions beforehand, or during the Spotlight. This Spotlight will be hosted by pv magazine’s Head of Events, Frederike Egerer.

pv magazine is hosting this Spotlight on behalf of our partner, PV Hardware, which is responsible for the content.

Registration for our Spotlights is free of charge.


Ivan Arkipoff, CTO | PV Hardware

Ivan Arkipoff is the Chief Technology Officer of PV Hardware. Based in PV Hardware’s headquarters in Spain, he has been with the company since the beginning and is currently in charge of Innovation and Product Development.

Eduardo Chillarón, Design & Eng. Manager | PV Hardware

Mechanical Engineer with extensive knowledge on analysis of structures under wind loads. He has more than 15 years of experience in structural analysis and project management for several industrial sectors (solar, aeronautics, oil and gas, wind turbines…). For the last ten years, he has been working in the solar industry and in 2016 joined PVH as Design and Engineering manager.

Heather Sauder, Senior Engineer | CPP Wind Engineering

Dr. Heather Sauder joined CPP in 2017. She has played a crucial role in developing techniques to investigate the potential for torsional instability in single axis trackers. Her focus lies on helping clients determine practical and economical solutions.

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