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University of Toledo

Antimony selenide solar cell with 6.4% efficiency

Scientists in the United States have fabricated a solar cell using antimony selenide films with favorable crystalline properties. They achieved the remarkable conversion efficiency for this early-stage PV material by focusing on the selenization temperature.


Space-based PV sheets with power output of 1,000 W/kg

U.S. researchers are developing thin-film PV technologies to create lightweight solar sheets to support communication satellites and wirelessly transmit power to Earth-based receivers. A space-based solar array could include tens of millions of sheets, with a capacity of up to 800 MW.


Bifacial perovskite solar cells may become more eco friendly than crystalline ones

A US study has suggested the raised energy yield of bifacial perovskite devices effectively means they could have a lower environmental impact than conventional crystalline cells. The researchers considered single-junction cells with high and low bandgaps and similar, multi-junction devices with two and four-terminal structures.


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