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Greenwashing vs. verifiable sustainability: What’s the difference?

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How green is PV? And why does it matter?


Greenwashing vs. verifiable sustainability: What’s the difference?

The solar industry should be proud of its contribution to the fight against climate change. But is designing, manufacturing, and supplying solar PV products that go on to generate clean energy enough to justify the oft-touted marketing claims that the industry is “saving the world”? SMA Solar Technology AG, one of the world’s leading inverter manufacturers and our webinar partner, says no!

To obtain verifiable credibility of solar’s social and environmental license, the industry must place greater emphasis on sustainable manufacturing, instead of focusing solely on capex. Indeed, there are numerous economic and product quality gains to be had, argue SMA’s global sustainability manager Matthias Schaepers and senior communication & press manager Susanne Henkel, in our upcoming webinar.

Of course, many companies assert that sustainability is at the fore of their corporate strategies. Yet dig a little deeper and it’s often hard to substantiate these claims. We look forward to discussing with SMA what companies can do to quantify their green credentials, in addition to understanding why it’s so important to walk the talk.

To help us identify greenwashing vs. real sustainability, Dustin Mulvaney, associate professor at the Department of Environmental Studies, San José State University, in the United States, and expert in solar industry sustainability issues, will add his weight to the discussion, offering strategies on how you can step up and become a sustainability leader. SMA will back this up with case studies on how being green can help create more than just a clean conscience.

Webinar Content:

  • Is sustainability a key factor for businesses?
  • How crucial is implementing international standards and guidelines in ESG reporting?
  • How to use sustainability as a USP
  • How to prove your sustainability credentials

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Matthias Schäpers

Matthias Schaepers has been working as global sustainability manager at SMA since 2012. His focus is on sustainability management, energy and environmental management and mobility management. In addition, he regularly gives lectures on sustainability, mobility and energy management at companies throughout Germany. Matthias started his career at SMA in 2008 as an architect and project manager. In this function he was the responsible project manager for the SMA Solar Academy building, which features a grid-independent energy concept based on renewable energies, as well as other innovative buildings. He was also responsible for master planning in facility management and developed a sustainable mobility strategy for SMA.

Susanne Henkel

Susanne Henkel is a senior communications & press manager at SMA. She started working for the company in 2009 and is responsible for press, financial and sustainability communication. Prior to SMA, Susanne held various positions in marketing, communications and journalism in financial and communication industries. She holds a university degree in German studies, English studies and Psychology.

Dustin Mulvaney

Dustin teaches in the Environmental Studies Department at San Jose State University, one of the first six interdisciplinary environmental studies programs in the USA. His research focuses on the social and environmental dimensions of food and energy systems where he research questions about innovation, emerging technologies and environmental change.


Becky Beetz | Head of content, pv magazine

Becky has managed the online presence of pv magazine International since its inception in 2010. She is currently responsible for content development across all platforms, including global and regional websites, events, webinars, roundtables, and other special projects. Before relocating to Berlin, Becky worked as a B2B journalist and editor for Special Publications in Scotland.

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