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PERC and beyond – next generation modules, what can we expect?

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The performance of PERC modules has not yet been fully explored but module manufacturers are already testing the next technological advance – passivating contacts using technology known as TopCon or POLO. In this webinar we will look at what distinguishes the current best-module generation from the next with passivating contacts.


PERC and beyond – next generation modules, what can we expect?

With TopCon/Polo already causing a stir, pv magazine’s webinar series partner Trina Solar is already working on the new technology as well as presenting its Full Black series.

In this webinar we will consider what distinguishes current best-module generation – with multi-busbars, half-cells and completely black modules – from the next generation with passivating contacts.

Felix Haase from the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hameln (ISFH) will give an introduction to the technology. As project leader of an emergent solar cell technologies working group, Haase played a key role in establishing the ISFH’s world efficiency record of 26.1% for solar cells on boron-doped silicon and is now leading various projects to implement POLO technology in production processes. We will discuss with him how the new record was set and what potential risks a changeover to the new technology can entail.

Product manager Klaus Hofmeister will comment on the current state of development at Trina Solar and explain why the company is concentrating on n-type cells.

We are eager to find out what performance increases and cost reductions the new technology is promising in the eyes of our experts and will be asking when we can expect the first modules of the new generation. pv magazine editor in chief Michael Fuhs will host the event.


  • The latest module generation and TopCon/POLO – small steps towards more efficiency or a quantum leap?
  • Introduction to the technology of passivating contacts – advantages and foreseeable risks
  • What approaches are there for implementation into mass production and how does that approach affect costs and quality?
  • TopCon development at Trina and outlook

Questions can be submitted beforehand and during the webinar through a chat window for a fully engaging and interactive experience.



Klaus Hofmeister

Trina Solar, product manager,

Felix Haase

Institute for Solar Energy Research Hameln (ISFH), project leader of the research group for emerging solar cell technologies


Michael Fuhs | Chefredakteur, pv magazine

Michael schreibt seit 2008 über Solarthemen, ist seit 2010 Redaktionsleiter von pv magazine und hat als Chefredakteur die deutsche Plattform mit aufgebaut. Zuvor war er für Hörfunk, Fernsehen und überregionale Zeitungen tätig und hat in Physik promoviert.

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