Reducing Solar Performance Uncertainty

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Discussion participants

Gwendalyn Bender, Vaisala, Solar Assessment Services
Lauren Ngan, First Solar


Christian Roselund, pv magazine, Editor

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Presentation of Gwendalyn Bender

Webinar Details

The uncertainty of solar performance is a constant source for snide remarks by opponents of renewable energy. But it is also a fact that hounds developers of utility scale PV projects, and especially in the pre-construction period when financing is being secured it is necessary to reduce project uncertainty.

What are the steps a developer can take to improve their odds? pv magazine editor Christian Roselund will discuss this with a Vaisala’s Gwendalyn Bender, an expert for solar assessment services, in our third free webinar powered by Vaisala.

Bender and Roselund will take a deep dive into the steps a developer has control over to reduce the uncertainty of their solar energy assessments thus increase their odds at getting a PPA or financing agreement with positive terms. Developers have direct influence over factors such as:

– Quality of the resource assessment
– The equipment chosen
– The EPC chosen (if applicable)
– How the energy assessment is performed

Other factors such as location have a major impact on the viability of a project and must also be taken into account. Due to the complexity of this presentation, participants of the webinar should have a general knowledge of project development, because this will get into the details of how to improve results. Participants will receive FREE access to Vaisala’s solar resource data base through new online tools for two weeks.

Our co-presenter on this webinar is First Solar’s Lauren Ngan. Ngan will be providing information on reducing project output uncertainty, including a look at the company’s performance management software.