Germany likely to see storage subsidies on May 1

15. April 2013 | Markets & Trends, Energy storage | By:  Sandra Enkhardt

German state bank KfW says it is ready to start support of storage systems for photovoltaic systems in early May. The green light is, however, still to come from Germany’s Federal Environment Ministry in Berlin.

Storage battery

The Environment Ministry declined to comment on the start date of the storage program.

Apparently, Germany can still expect to see the introduction of storage subsidies on May 1. According to Wolfram Schweickhardt, Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) spokesperson, the bank is not aware of any reason for the program not to start next month.

However, while the refinancing of loans by KfW is set, the financing of the grant from the Federal Environment Ministry is still open. Schweickhardt additionally told pv magazine that KfW is still waiting for the green light from Berlin.

The Environment Ministry declined to comment on the start date of the storage program. Officially, the Environment Ministry is still looking for ways to finance the subsidies. A decision in the coming days has not been excluded. However the amount of funding available is unclear. According to sources, the issue currently depends on the Finance Ministry.

Originally, support was expected to come from Germany’s energy and climate fund. However, due to the sharp drop in CO2 certificate prices, there is not enough money in the pot, which also pays out funds to other climate change programs.

Germany’s Federal Environment Minister, Peter Altmaier stressed at the recent Energy Storage conference in Düsseldorf, held around a month ago, that he wanted to see the introduction of energy storage subsidies on May 1.  

Translated by Becky Beetz.

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