Austria: New subsidy system for PV


€300/kWp is being offered for rooftop or ground-mounted PV plants and €400/kWp is offered for building integrated PV. The subsidies are being paid under the framework of the climate and energy funds. The subsidies, however, are only applicable for PV plants with a maximum capacity of 5 kW and can only be claimed by private parties.

Another stipulation is that the PV plant be finished within 12 weeks after registration. The actual funding can only be given when there is evidence that shows this deadline was met. The necessary funding will be reserved for the developer once registration has been made. Registration and submissions are still possible until November 30 this year.

841 PV plant proposals with a total subsidy sum of €1.26 million have already been submitted within one and a half days of the program opening. The registration website states, however, that as a result of the new design of the subsidy program and the available budget for 24,000 projects all over Austria, "there is no need to rush applications."

In 2012, Austria added a total of 230 MW of photovoltaics, thus taking cumulative photovoltaic capacity to 415 MW. Meanwhile, a total of 140 MW have been approved for 2013, Hans Kronberger, president of the Photovoltaic Austria Federal Association, told pv magazine.

Translated by Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger; edited by Becky Beetz.