PV Legal launches new database highlighting "bureaucratic barriers" to PV development


The database, published in 12 EU countries, has been designed to provide a thorough insight into the steps and costs incurred – in order to comply with administrative and legal requirements – when setting up a PV system in one of these countries.

The PV Legal project initiative says that, although most EU countries recognize the potential of solar PV and implement support policies, the national PV market is “not yet expected to grow to its full potential, due to bureaucratic hurdles”.

In each country, the research has been conducted by surveying the necessary procedures to be complied with, for the three main market segments: (i) small-scale installations on residential buildings; (ii) small to medium-scale installations on commercial buildings; and (iii) medium to large-scale ground-mounted installations on open lands.

For each segment, the project development processes have been identified and described in detail, with information on duration, waiting times and legal-administrative costs of each process.

As a next step, the project partners will address recommendations to policy makers and grid operators in the main European PV markets by means of advisory papers, as well as national forums (conferences) and ad-hoc workshops.

For more information on the database, go to http://www.pvlegal.eu/database.html