Solar operated TV brought to rural SA


The move by Solarworld came after after it became apparent that more than 2,000 people in remote villages would not be able to watch the World Cup, even though it was taking place in their country.

The TV viewing points have been placed in village squares or integrated into facilities like community centers and churches. High efficiency modules power the Sun-TV viewing points which, in addition to a television set, are equipped with a DVD player and can receive sports, children’s and educational programs via a satellite antenna.

The company says the project is designed to enable football fans in South Africa to participate in this worldwide event that is taking place in their own country. At the same time, it is providing the infrastructure to use media for education or, for example, for information about HIV in the future.

"Our Sun-TV viewing points show what you can do with solar technology," says Frank H. Asbeck, chairman and CEO of Solarworld AG. "For many people in Africa, it is the first real opportunity to participate. For us in the industrialized world, clean solar energy from your own roof will be a natural part of our overall energy supply in the future."

The project is supported by celebrities like football coach Jürgen Klopp, the international footballer Lukas Podolski, rock star Peter Maffay and the US actor Larry Hagman.

The World Cup kicks off this Friday at 4 pm.

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