Plans to develop 15 MW solar farm in Arizona underway


The companies will submit a bid to a local utility to develop the project – the Sunshine Solar Farm – which is set to be built across 154.3 acres of land.

PEBC has said the site can support as much as 20 megawatts of solar electricity generation – using either a fixed tilt or a single axis tracking system, both of which have been developed by Siliken.

"As one of the preferred companies in the PV industry, Siliken is making a strategic effort to diversify our activities and further commit to new sources of renewable energy, including solar power," said Kevin Davies, director of operations of Siliken Renewable Energy, Inc. "Partnering with companies like PBEC helps us to meet our goals to expand in the United States and it opens the door for us to develop more PV solar projects in the Southwest."

At an elevation of 5300 feet, the Sunshine Solar Farm land is said to benefit from cooler, high desert temperatures that can increase the photovoltaic efficiencies of solar panels. Soil tests show that the land is well suited to support the foundations for a solar panel racking system – with minimal costs, says PBEC.

The farm will be located 30 miles east of Flagstaff in Coconino County, Arizona.