Schunk quadruples production capacity


The company has undergone a 140,000 square foot expansion at its Hessen plant in Germany and renovated a further 45,000 square feet. This, says Shunk, is its biggest plant development to date. Consequently, the company has said it can now increase its capacity for manufacturing, purifying and coating custom-made carbon fiber reinforced carbon (CFC) and graphite components for the solar, semiconductor, and polysilicon industries.

Shunk continues by saying that it is now the “only manufacturer in the world that can handle the entire process chain: from producing the basic materials, planning, developing and fabricating components, through to quality assurance and testing”.

Thermal post-processing of the CFC materials takes place at the newly opened, 37,500-square-foot Thermal Technology Center. In terms of infrastructure and material flow, this facility has been specifically designed for producing carbon fiber reinforced composites.

For the purification and coating processes, new reactors for chemical vapor deposition and infiltration (CVD/CVI) making pyrolitic carbon and silicon carbide coatings, along with high-temperature purification furnaces, have been installed in another 37,500-square-foot facility.

As a result of the capital expenditure in this area, Schunk has said its production capacity in the high temperatures material segment has quadrupled.