Solar meets fashion in the U.S.


Portland Fashion Week will feature the solar runway when launching next year’s spring-summer collections of internationally known designers during its seventh annual event.

As an event sponsor, Solarworld will celebrate production of its black monocrystalline photovoltaic modules and completion of its module-assembly factory in nearby Hillsboro, Ore.

At the U.S. headquarters site, the company has said it is expanding all production phases, including crystal growing, wafer cutting, cell conversion and module assembly.

"For the largest and most experienced U.S. solar manufacturer to join forces with Portland Fashion Week is a clear statement that sustainability is fashionable," said Prasenjit Tito Chowdhury, executive producer of Portland Fashion Week. "Sustainable fashion is a lifestyle choice, as is renewable energy."

Kevin Kilkelly, president of Solarworld California, Solarworld U.S. sales and marketing arm added: "We share Portland Fashion Week’s commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. We can continue to rely on resources and practices that can’t be sustained, or we can make better decisions. We invite Americans to do better – in style."