NJR to develop rooftop solar projects worth USD$17 million in collaboration with Adler Development and United Solar


Up to 65 construction jobs are expected to be created and the systems should be completed and in operation in September and October of this year.

???“This commercial project represents our latest effort to identify real opportunities in the solar market,” said Laurence M. Downes, chairman and CEO of NJR. “By maximizing underutilized space to provide clean, renewable energy in the state, we are effectively leveraging our expertise to help provide savings to our customers as well as meet our state’s renewable energy goals, create jobs and grow our company. We will continue to build on this progress and look for new opportunities in the solar and renewable energy markets that will benefit our customers, company and state."

Adler will lease over 900,000 square feet of roof space to NJRCEV for a period of 20 years. This, it says, will help to reduce its facilities’ carbon emissions by 3,200 tons per year. Tenants of the buildings will be offered a Power Purchase Agreement from NJRCEV that is lower than their current utility rates.