DuPont to support Hong Kong’s largest thin film PV rooftop installation


With an installation capacity of 550 kilowatt-peak (kWp), the rooftop installation comprises 5,500 thin film PV modules and can generate 620,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually. The energy output will help offset about 520 tons of carbon dioxide, 2.9 tons of sulfur dioxide and 1.4 tons of nitrogen dioxide emissions every year, explains the company.

“We are pleased to collaborate with HK Electric to introduce this cutting-edge, thin film photovoltaic technology for large-scale installation,” commented David Chu, leader of DuPont Apollo. “DuPont Apollo and HK Electric share a commitment to sustainable development and protecting the environment through renewable energy. This effort will accelerate applications of photovoltaics in Hong Kong for long-term benefits of the city and its residents.”

In addition to supplying thin film photovoltaic modules, DuPont Apollo also supported HK Electric in system design and management of the balance-of-system, which encompasses all components of a photovoltaic system other than the panels, and helps optimize the cost/performance ratio.

Thin film PV modules are one of the fastest growing segments in the PV industry, says the company. As a result of continuous advances in thin film technology, production costs for these modules are expected to continue to decline, making the modules more attractive in a variety of applications.

It continued by saying that these modules can generate more wattage output under diffuse lighting conditions, and consume only about 1/200 the silicon of traditional crystalline silicon solar cells, resulting in shorter energy payback times. Since starting operation in 2008, DuPont Apollo has set up reference projects worldwide, reaching Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.