Mozambique to produce solar panels


According to the Xinhua News Agency, the first stone to build the Industrial park of Beleluane, in Maputo province where the devices are to be manufactured, has already been launched and the initial investment was set around USD$10 million.

"We cannot define how much this park is going to cost us, though the initial budget was set to USD$10 million, that was two years ago. Now a lot has changed, fuel prices increased and they influenced the prices of raw material to bring up the factory," commented Mozambican energy minister, Salvador Namburrete.

Mr Namburrete, added that it will be possible to know how much it is going to take after his ministry through the National Energy Fund (FUNAE) evaluates the final design of the factory, which it is for sure that it won’t be less than USD$10 million. With this project it is expected to produce devices that all Mozambicans will be able to afford one, according to their necessities thus enabling the entire country to have access to electric power.

Xinhua learned that a significant percentage of raw materials during the factory’s operation will be acquired within Mozambique, so contributing to the country’s economy. For now, the main challenge is to identify material the country does not have. He said there will be different sizes of solar panel, each with its capacity to generate electric power. The devices are expected to last for 25 years after purchased by users.