US: Ohio's largest solar farm officially opened


American Electric Power subsidiaries, Columbus Southern Power and Ohio Power Companies, reportedly have a long-term agreement with PSEG Solar Source to purchase the electricity generated at the farm. The solar farm links to the grid at the Upper Sandusky Substation, via a four-mile long generator lead.

"You don’t have to be from Wyandot County or even the state of Ohio to be proud of what has been accomplished here," said PSEG’s chairman, CEO and president Ralph Izzo. "The Wyandot Solar Farm points the way forward, and is both an environmental and economic win. As a nation, we can all benefit from a future with more green energy that improves our energy security, helps in the fight against climate change and creates good jobs."

Gov. Strickland called the solar farm a glimpse into Ohio’s future. "Today we are flipping the switch on Ohio’s largest solar farm. But we’re really flipping the switch on the future," said Strickland. "Because we made a commitment to advanced energy in Senate Bill 221, the sun will not only power Ohio homes, it will power Ohio jobs. We have solar panels made in Perrysburg. Installed by Ohioans. And creating clean, renewable energy for Ohio businesses."

PSEG Solar Source also owns a two-megawatt solar farm in Hackettstown, NJ, serving the adjacent Mars Chocolate factory. It is also nearing completion of a 15-megawatt facility in Jacksonville, FL. The output of that plant will be provided to the Jacksonville Electric Authority.