Japan aims to build first solar panel recycling facility soon


Research and development into how best to recycle the panels will begin in November. Based on the outcome of the research, it is hoped the facility will be opened within the "next few years". In addition to working with Kitakyushu City, Showa Shell Sekiyu has also joined hands "with a couple of other partners", including an unnamed university.

The news comes as Solar Frontier, a subsidiary of Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K., announced it has joined the voluntary take-back and recycling programme, PV Cycle.

"Solar Frontier is dedicated to offering the most economical and ecological solar energy solutions in the world," stated Wolfgang Lange, managing director of Solar Frontier Europe. "As a leading manufacturer of CIS solar modules, it is only natural to think about what will happen to our products when they reach the end of their lifecycle. We look forward to taking part in the drive toward cleaner and more sustainable solar energy."