Exclusive: Eurener to enter Chile; PV-powered bus stop could hit market next year


Vanessa Nolasco, project manager for Eurener added: “The next intention of moving into Chile is to enable the transfer and exchange of knowledge.” She told pv magazine that Eurener also plans to train the people who will be installing, maintaining and managing the Atacama project.

Was there a problem in negotiations to move into Chile for the company? “No,” she said, “there was no problem. I found it surprisingly easy compared to other countries like Argentina or Colombia. Chileans and their government are open-minded people and are very keen on the renewable energies prospects for the country.”

The insider scoop

Meanwhile, the company’s EU PVSEC stand was certainly eye-catching, with its prototype PV-powered bus stop prominently displayed. The battery used to provide lighting is hidden below the metal seats and LED lights line the perimeter of the structure. It is supposed to work in remote areas where people have little or no electricity, but nevertheless, probably find themselves waiting for a bus at night.

Although the bus stop is still a prototype, the insider scoop is that it will come onto the market next year.