ESEI Group and Solar Source Corporation aim to install 100 MW of PV in Canada


Under a new partnership, the companies say they intend to manufacture and develop renewable energy power plants in the country.

The partnership reportedly came about after SSC “recognized the need to find a strong and innovative partner" to expand beyond its current capabilities, following the company’s announcement that it was to build a 120 MW capacity panel manufacturing plant in Windsor, Ontario.

“The ESEI team has their eye on the future and their feet planted firmly in today, managing the industry as a whole, not just at the panel level. ESEI thought beyond programs and government incentives, which is what makes them a global industry player. We want to partner with that type of thinking – so we chose ESEI Group,” says Ross Beatty, president of SSC.

The partnership between ESEI Solar and Solar Source Corporation will support the Green Energy Act’s goal of creating green-collar jobs. SSC has said its manufacturing plant will employ in excess of 200 people, while ESEI Solar’s new branch offices will bring “even more” jobs to the province.