?China: 1 million solar electric cars to be developed


The news comes as China publishes its 12th five-year policy, which lists solar energy as one of the seven strategic new industries.

According to China Trends, it is expected that new energy and energy-saving industries like the solar and electric vehicles market will benefit from the policy, which is set to come into play next year.

As a result, the company says that it is "looking forward" to the progress of solar electric car market, in order to match up with the government’s policy development.?

The three companies explain that they have entered into a letter of intent in which the investee companies of China Innovation will provide high efficiency electrical storage technology and products, China Trends will take part in the operation and marketing, and China Oriental Numerical Control will provide numerical control products and related technology.

The target is to produce one million solar electric vehicles.

In a statement, China Trends said: "The mechanism of solar electric sightseeing cars and solar golf cars mainly makes use of the technology of absorbing solar energy through solar panels to generate power, and to enable solar energy vehicles to achieve environmental results.

"These solar electric cars can be used as sightseeing transportation, which is suitable in golf courses, large parks, large exhibition halls, residential quarters and scenic areas."