Focus on crystalline silicon


With a substantial percentage of the PV market being based on crystalline silicon, researchers and scientists from various institutes have decided that a specific conference series ought to be dedicated to the development of crystalline silicon photovoltaics.

"SiliconPV – International Conference on Silicon Photovoltaics" will focus on "Advanced Cells and Modules", one of the main drivers in silicon PV research and development. This new platform will enable intensive scientific and technological dialogue on the theme.

"SiliconPV is an important event for scientists of institutes and companies dealing with research on crystalline silicon PV. We are convinced that this conference will soon be a nucleus for the scientific community," stated Eicke R. Weber, director of Fraunhofer ISE.

PSE, Freiburg, which will be the technical organizer of Silicon PV, will host the first of the series in Freiburg, Germany in April next year.

The Freiburg conference will include topics on silicon material science, advanced characterization techniques, device physics and simulation, surface morphology and passivation, junction formation, structuring and contact formation, process integration and cell architecture as well as innovative module design and integration.