11th Forum Solarpraxis comes to an end


On Friday afternoon the 11th Forum Solarpraxis came to an end. “Things are wild, they’ll stay wild and next year probably become even wilder,” commented Solarpraxis head Karl-Heinz Remmers while considering the development of the PV market.

A total of 700 participants found their way to the two-day industry meeting at the Hilton Hotel in Berlin. Many of the lectures addressed further development of the German market. The lectures given by analysts and experts clearly indicated that next year will likely be a very exciting one for the German PV industry.

Currently there is a lot of uncertainty with regard to continued developments on the market since the framework conditions both in Germany as well as the other important markets are generally still very uncertain.? However, with its “Roadmap Photovoltaic” the solar industry in Germany has clearly staked out its position in recent days.

The industry regards its study as an offer to policymakers who will be negotiating revision of the Renewable Energy Act [EEG] next year. The PV industry has returned to the focus of public debate particularly after the sharp increase in costs that will be passed on to customers through EEG reallocation measures. Then too there are the conventional energy companies that are campaigning against renewable energies.

With the “Roadmap” the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) aims to go on the offensive again and steer the development of the industry into an orderly course for the next ten years.?

Apart from the German market, developments abroad were also addressed at the forum. Special interest was shown in the Chinese market. Already at commencement of the meeting Zhang Jiaqiang, Ambassador for Industry of the People’s Republic of China, provided a forecast for the Chinese PV market. Of course, other important topics during the two-day conference included the lowering of production costs as well as legal and marketing topics.