Sunowe to begin ingot production


Until now, Sunowe has purchased monocrystalline wafers, which it used to produce its cells and modules. However, it says that in order to optimize the value added chain and become more competitive, it will start producing polycrystalline ingots from next March.

A production plant close to the company’s Chinese headquarters has already been purchased, with a production capacity of 160 million 6′ wafers. Inital capacity will reach 60 million wafers in March 2011, with the rest coming into operation in 2012.

Overall, Sunowe will have an output of approximately 200 megawatts (MWs) of polycrystalline wafers: 100 MWs will be kept for its own use, while the remaining 100 MWs will be sold.

"The in-house production of ingots and wafer will strengthen our independence and will turn the company into an even more attractive supplier," commented Mr. Ding, MD of Sunowe.