Decision about German solar promotion this week


By the end of the week, according to information given to pv magazine, the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the solar industry are planning to present a proposal as to how the drawn-forward cuts of the feed-in compensation for photovoltaic installations should look. Tomorrow, before noon, the plans will be officially presented. Here, an additional lowering of solar promotion is not being talked about, according to sources within governing coalition circles. At the moment, it apparently seems that the Federal Network Agency will be tasked in April or May with estimating additional photovoltaic building for the entire year.

With this, the estimated degression up until the end of the year will be calculated. This can then be partially advanced to July 1, sources went on. As of January 1 2012, a further sinking of the photovoltaic feed-in compensation by nine percent is planned. If the additional annex is at a similarly high level as last year and exceeds, in accordance with Federal Network Agency estimates, 6500 megawatts, the feed-in compensation will be sunk by twelve percent as of July 1.If estimates of the Federal Network Agency prove to be false, solar promotion could be then once again subsequently adjusted and sunk by around nine percent, sources continued.

The New Renewable Energy Sources Act which includes the advanced cuts is to be, according to plans until now, discussed and passed together with the EU Amendment to Renewable Energy Sources. At the moment, the proposal is also being discussed and attuned in committees of the ruling factions, party sources went on. Over the course of the week, the proposal will then likely be presented to the public by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the solar industry together.