OPDE undertakes 26 MW Italian PV project


Over €125 million will be invested into the project, while 100 direct and indirect jobs are expected to be created.

Located in the cities of Tortona, Alessandria, Pedrosa and Fosano, the plants are scheduled to be completed by March 31.

The 26 MW is broken down as:

  • AL14 Tortona 6.994 MWp
  • AL47a Alessandria 4.997 MWp
  • AL47b Alessandria 1.185 MWp
  • AL13 Tortona 6.195 MWp
  • CN11c Fosano 4.997 MWp
  • AL12 Predosa 1.739 MWp

During construction, more than 91,000 230 watt peak Trina PV modules will be used, in addition to 2,027 SMA inverters and 2,027 1-axis Mecasolar trackers.

The company says there are several investment funds, which have shown interest in buying the projects. It adds that when they are completed, it will have an accumulated total of 43 MW of PV in Italy.