Q-Cells enters UK market


Germany-based Q-Cells states that the UK is one of the fastest growing PV markets in Europe. As such, it says it will be opening an office there shortly. A spokesperson tells pv magazine that while they cannot divulge the exact date, the office will be open "very soon" and definitely within the first half of this year. It is unclear how many people will be based there.

Andrew Troop from the company’s Cardiff office, adds that while Q-Cells has not signed any contracts in the country as of yet, it is holding negotiations "on a number of different fronts", with the aim of installing both commercial rooftop and ground-mount PV systems there in the future. He couldn’t say who the company is looking to partner with though. It, like many others, is waiting however, to find out the outcome of the early feed-in tariff review, before it executes any projects.

It is also waiting for the requisite MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) approval for its Q.SMART and Q.PRO thin film PV modules.

In a statement, Hans-Gerd Füchtenkort, executive board member, marketing & sales says: "We see the UK as a strategically important market and another step in expanding our global business. With a high degree of home ownership and promising feed-in tariff legislation, we are confident that the UK market offers great potential."