meeco group outlines PV expansion plans


At the start of March, the Swiss-based company announced its intentions to install an off-grid solar solution in Paraguay. At the time, meeco America Latina director Oliver Jann hinted that the company would be installing more systems in the future.

Dieter Trutschler, member of the Executive Board of meeco AG, expands on this by stating that meeco plans to grow its off grid PV business in Paraguay "well into the seven digit figures (euro based) in 2011, and subsequently into eight digit figures in 2012". He adds that the company is currently in the process of negotiating a €4 million initial project. Overall, he says the goal is to install between four and five megawatts (MW) of PV, plus storage technology, in the South American country.

He explains: "In the course of these installations, we do see as well the creation of an additional business unit for installation and long term services – this will require between 25 and 35 manpower, if not more, because of the large distances to manage in Paraguay."


India is another region of interest to meeco. Back in January, the company said it would install 50 MW in the country over the next three years.

Trutschler says that meeco has joined forces with an unnamed partner in order to complete two projects this year. The first, expected to be built by this July, is a ground-mounted project, the size of which was not disclosed, while a term sheet for the second project – a five MW PV facility – has been signed. It is expected to be finished by this October.


The director goes on to say that Africa is another key focus for meeco. "We see Africa as a core market for the future and have therefore formed partnerships for West Africa in Ghana, Angola and South Africa," he tells pv magazine. He adds that the company is also looking to undertake a partnership in Kenya.

Trutschler continues: "Also in the Middle East meeco has been present for a decade and we see that companies and governments there are starting to recognize the capacities of renewable energies as a substitute to burning oil. We therefore foresee the development and construction of large grid connected installations in this part of the world, as well as some off grid solutions for remote areas or remotely placed applications."

He concludes: "The African and Latin American markets offer us today a huge engagement potential in the off grid sector as the usage of diesel generators to produce electricity becomes more and more expensive and at times difficult in remote areas. We believe, that our off-grid power generation and storage solutions, such as oursun and cellcube will have a superb chance at becoming highly demanded and leading technology within these markets."

meeco AG currently has 208 MW worth of PV, which it has financed and is operational. A further 183 MW are under construction, and 360 MW are in the pipeline.