Phoenix Solar to build 12 MW French PV park


The photovoltaic park is currently being built in Le Castellet in the Département Var, around 40 kilometers southeast of Marseille. It is scheduled for completion this August.

Expected to be spread across 25 hectares, it will comprise approximately 150,000 First Solar modules and 35 Power One central inverters. Furthermore, when completed, it will supply over 3,000 households with electricity, and be compensated by energy utility EDF, based on the feed-in tariff still valid in 2009.

Phoenix Solar was commissioned by a joint venture formed by InfraClass Energie 5, a closed-end fund of KGAL, with the French company CRYO SARL.

"The solar park in Le Castellet is symbolic of the expansion of renewable energies and the opportunities for photovoltaics in France. We hope that we will be able to implement more projects of this type in the future," said Klaus Wolf, member of KGAL’s Management Board.