More delays for Italy


According to a report in Reuters, a final decision on Italy’s new solar incentive scheme has been postponed after a key meeting was rescheduled for next Thursday.

On Tuesday, the government released its solar regulation draft, which stated, among other things, that large scale systems would be subjected to an annual cap; 2013 would see the market sale of solar electricity eliminated; and, as Reuters says, that an annual cap on subsidies would be implemented for solar developers at between €6 billion and €7 billion by the end of 2016, when installed capacity is expected to be around 23 gigawatts.

Following the issuance of the draft decree, Italy’s ministry was supposed to then discuss the proposals with the regions yesterday. Amendments were thought to be expected.

However, according to Reuters, which was quoting a government source, the draft was presented to a meeting of Italy’s regions and the state, but it was then moved back to April 28.

"The state-regions conference has put back to next Thursday its opinion on the government’s decree on renewable energy incentives," the source said.

"It was the least the regions could have asked given they received a document that is so complicated," Gianni Chianetta, president of industry body Assosolare, additionally told Reuters.

To be passed into law, the decree needs to be signed by the Industry and Environment ministries and published in the official gazette.